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Distinguished Professorships

Aminian, Mishra, Luo

Three professors – Kashy Aminian, Brijes Mishra and Yi Luo – were named to distinguished professorships, effective July 1. 

Aminian was named the Charles T. Holland Professor of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. The award was created in honor of the former dean of WVU’s School of Mines, who served from 1961-1970. 

Mishra was named the Syd and Felicia Peng Professor of Mining Engineering. For more than 40 years, the Pengs have been important contributors to the educational futures of countless mining engineering students at WVU. The award, created in 2014, is available to specialists in the areas of ground control and mineral processing. 

Luo was named the Charles E. Lawall Chair for Energy and the Environment. The award, which was created through a gift by Consolidation Coal Company and Glenna R. Pack, honors the former Department chair, who went on to become president of WVU, serving until 1945.